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Hey there
What’s up, Fatma here.

I’ve shared many times that I do my prayers every single morning.

But I don’t practice it like the most pious people do. but I do it.

I simply see my prayers time  as my special  time to connect with Lord, I seek his forgiveness his help and guidance to stay on the right path,  where I erase my mind of the things I need to do in the day, and focus on how thankful I am that I even get another day on planet earth; or how much I appreciate my friends, family, the community of the SFM  , etc.

Really helps to put you in a great mood, and realise that life is incredibly short, and most things just don’t matter at all…

Anyway, today I thought about how much of a shame it is how many people quit so easily on their dreams, or how many people get influenced to quit by people who haven’t achieved anything themselves.

And that made me think…

I bet there are people that will read this email, that are in that exact place now…

You are hearing that internal voice in your head to just give up…

Friends, family, the spouse, or a dead line  giving you ultimatums to “make things work…” at the end of the day we all have bill to pay & mouths to feed .

And I know how that feels. I went through the same struggle. when I was growing my first business.

So I really quickly want to share my three simple & easy steps I took to brush that aside, get my head right, and give myself  the strength and energy to build my own online business as an entrepreneur I have not made it to the six figure per year company yet but I know I am on the right path to make that dream come true   😉 .

Step 1: Evaluate the Opportunity

If a business is going to work, several basic criteria need to be present.

First, does the product have high demand?

So are there a ton of people out there RIGHT NOW looking to buy this product.

Second, is the demand sustainable? Can you prove that the demand has been and will continue to be high? Or is it just a fad or trend?

Third, is the market RABID to buy this product? Do they have money to buy, and do they buy things in this market with high frequency?

If your business can check mark all three of those criteria points, then awesome!

You now have no  excuse to not make this work 🙂
for me and my SFM Affiliate Business there is very high demand on getting the education and the 1 to 1 coaching and thousands of people are signing up every month. I noticed that people are eager for the education and the personal coaching especially those with very little experience and knowledge of the digital world . by the way the SFM curriculum does vary from basic to intermediate to advanced levels of digital and marketing techniques and tools available. I do believe that once you master a skill you can apply it in your own business or personal life and no one can take it away from you .

Step 2: Just Launch Dammit!!!

The majority of people get caught in their own head, and their idea never sees the light of day.

Ever heard that motivational speech that says, “the richest place on earth is the graveyard…?”

It’s true.

Have your focus be on “good enough,” not perfect. This will allow you to get a good product out fast, without wasting the time that inevitably makes you second guess every decision you’re trying to make.

This is where deadlines are vitally important. Set deadlines to accomplish each step of the process, make them aggressive, and don’t miss them! Even go as far as to set your own penalties for missing them (make the penalties something that will make sure you take it seriously).  I do 50 setups. it is the hardest exercise for me , not because I am not fit ( which I am not) but I have posture issues so I get very exhausted from setups. I’ d do anything to avoid them.

The Best thing about The SFM Business Model is that you can earn while you learn. that was big for me. I knew my knowledge of the digital world is very basic, so it will probably take me  time, and dedication & perseverance to get my business to where I wanted it to go. but having the reassurance that I can still generate some income while still figuring out some of the more advanced strategies made me more determined to making it as successful as I aspire.

Step 3: Get Rid of the “I’m a Special Case” Mentality. 

A lot of people struggling to succeed at something have this misconception that their business/idea/circumstances/situation is “special” or “different.”

It’s not…

Assume you’re not struggling anymore than the guy/gal before you that “made it.”

For the people that think they “have it worse” or that marketing tactic “won’t work for what I’m doing…” get over yourself.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s been that there’s always some one that had it worse that accomplished what you want to.
It’s not a matter of the circumstances, it’s a matter of two things:

A. How persistent and consistent you are (really, how bad you want it)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
B. How willing you are to point the blaming finger at yourself, and assume that if you’re not getting the result you want, it usually means that YOU messed something up.
In my first attempt in business, I was near giving up because I launched and it epically failed…

And by “epically failed” I mean I made a whopping zero dollars and zero cents (take in account expenses, and I was in the hole).

The thing that saved me was the realization that, “Hey, other people are doing EXACTLY what I want to do successfully. They aren’t smarter than me, or better than me. They must be doing something or know something that I don’t.”

By assuming I was the one that was doing something wrong, I went back to the drawing board and discovered that I really had no clue had to market and sell correctly. I spent 6 months learning the art, and boom; that was the launch of my first huge successful business.

My point in all this: OWN YOUR SUCCESS.

Don’t fall in to the trap that the success fairy must deem you worthy; or that if your first attempt doesn’t work, no attempt will work.

Be willing to test, tweak, and refine. Go back to the drawing board if you need to. Point the finger at yourself more when things aren’t how you want them to be. That kind of ownership is liberating. remember when you point your index at others three of your fingers are pointing back at you .

If you are interested in learning more about the Sfm Affiliate business model register for the webcast by clicking on the  blue banner on this page and meet my mentor Stuart who will explain to you what the SFM business model is all about.

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Talk to you soon

​​​​​​​create a blessed day

Fatma Zubia