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Do you feel stuck in your day job trading your time for money? do you wish you could double yourself so you can double the hours you work to generate more income?

Do you feel like you need an early retirement plan ?

the problem with working long hours is that you loose spending quality time with your loved ones. you feel you just miss them all though may be you see them every day but your head is spinning from work and preparing for work the next day, you just feel drained and exhausted. and if you consider taking time off to spend with your family you will feel even more stressed because the money will be so much less.

I was in the same grind of the 9–5 running around like headless chicken rushing every thing to get to work , commuting and getting stuck in the morning rush traffic, is just so frustrating. I hated feeling stuck in my job.

I loved my family and wanted to take care of them and spend quality time with them doing the things we love most like travelling and checking historical places , horse riding and car racing with my son, or my husband’ s favorite, golf. i do not quite enjoy playing golf, but i enjoy the open space and most importantly spending quality time with my loved ones.

I want to celebrate my birth day not having to go to work, I want to wake up late, then go for some beauty therapy with my daughter, then of course go for some retail therapy. instead spending my birthday in my office, dealing with paper work, and receive my birthday wishes in text messages or on a Facebook post. I wanted to celebrate it on the real world, not in the virtual world.

I thought there must be a different way to leverage. as very clever creatures us human beings found solutions to most our problems. and trading time for money is sure a big problem, there must be a solution to it. I felt tired of this. I thought I must create myself an early retirement plan 

i turned to the internet for answers. I searched on google for home business ideas. I stumbled on quite a few business model. but I know I am a no digital expert. I remember opening a new email was daunting for me. so I needed the education and I am a social human being so I do not want to feel isolated and at a distance from the world. and to add to the mix i didn’t really have a product or a service to sell online.

I came across the  7 day video series made by the Six Figure Mentors. It is digital business academy. I was taught through the 7 day video series that to start an online business all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. and the passion to learn a new skill that will help transform your life and help you get that freedom in time and money that you are dreaming about.

As I said above I didn’t have a specific product or service to sell online. so I love the idea of the affiliate digital marketer provided by the SFM. you get to advertise other people’ s products and services and earn a commission when you sell. all the tools are provided by the SFM . so I do not have to worry about shipping or returns . all i do is advertise and collect the revenue.

you will learn how to sell high ticket products and earn upto $1000 commission from one sale rather than collecting few cents from selling cheap products.

You will get the full education on how to advertise and the latest marketing strategies online from the gurus of the industry. you get to hang out with like minded people who will inspire you to keep going and give you ideas on how to maximize your profits. I knew I was getting myself into a lit of hard work, learning new skill as I am no tech savvy, but thought to myself if I work extra hard for say a year to master the skill of online marketing, then I can have an early retirement and live the lifestyle I have always dreamed of.

Do not tell me you are too old for this. my mentor Jay says the day you stop growing is the day you start to whether. we have people in our community who are in their sixties and are making huge success in their business.

I think one of the biggest worries we have when we start approaching our fifties is our retirement . how are we going to reach that age, will we be able to live in abundance like we always dream? or are going to be struggling to get by as prices are shooting up every day?. and then even if you have a good retirement plan, why wait until the age of 70 to start living the dream life and travel the world , you know what a lot of the things you can do now you probably will not be able to do at the age of more thing. why not retire now and start that life of freedom right away,? why wait ?

I joined the SFM last November and started generating some revenue in February.

if you are passionate about creating that life style of freedom and abundance for yourself and loved ones start your journey right away, join THE SFM DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM & COMMUNITY

If you want more info on how to Build a home based business


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Final thought, instead of thinking oh I can’t learn a new skill at this stage , think How about an early retirement plan





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Fatma Zubia

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