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Tom Bilyeu is a leading motivational speaker and coach.

Whilst watching one of his videos the other day I came across this great message to anyone who’s thinking about making a big change in their lives.

Of course, starting an online business and working towards giving up your job and completely changing your whole life is about as big a change as it gets! So this video should be particularly relevant to you.

Tom talks about the choice you make when it comes to experiencing a change in your life. You can either choose to be excited and positive about it, or you can choose to be negative.

You can focus on the potentially negative aspects of the change, the anxiety and worry. Or you can focus on the upsides.

For most people it’s fairly obvious what impact that can have on the success of any change. If you’re subconsciously seeking failure, then you will find it. But if you’re focused on the benefits of succeeding with that change, you’re far more likely to make it happen.

So, focus on the success. Don’t focus on the fear.

Watch his video here

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