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I spent the best time of my life being a full time mum. I take pride in that. I watched my children grow before my eyes, I nurtured them and took good care of them. but the money issue was always in the way, I felt that I was living in scarcity, now that the kids in school it is getting even harder to cope with little income, I tried to get a job to generate some income I made few extra pounds but I was always busy and couldn’t spend time to enjoy my children and listen to their stories and help them with home work, I had to trade my time with money, if I wanted the money I had to spend long hours and if I wanted the time to spend it with my children I will have little money, I hit rock bottom when my daughter got sick one day and instead of staying with her at home so she rests, I gave her some paracetamol and sent her to school because I needed to go to work. for the school to call me an hour later to tell to come and collect her because she threw up in school, I couldn’t go and get her until the 2 hours later, because of traffic, and made my boss cross as we had important meeting . oh I felt so helpless and stuck, when I arrived at school my daughter was asleep in the headteacher’ s office. that was so heart breaking for me, I felt I was failing my daughter by not showing up when she needed me the most.

I just couldn’t handle it any more i thought there must be another way to generate income, and be able to spend quality time with my children and nurture them.

I went to the search engine to look for a way to generate income from home . I found the affiliate business model, I believed it was best ever because I don’t have a specific product to sell, as an affiliate marketer I get to advertise other people’ s products and get a commission when they buy. Being an R.E. teacher I had very little knowledge of the digital world so I was skeptical of my ability to succeed at it, but my burning desire to create a life style of abundance with my family, lead me to do more search, so I needed an educational system that gives me 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring to start my business from scratch. so I chose the SFM business model, it is a complete educational system with all the tools and expertise to teach me how to set up my business and launch it and start generating money within a few weeks.

now I can work from home and all I needed to set up my business is a laptop, an internet connection and a digital educational system with a personal coach to hold my hand every step of the way. I became the mother I wanted to be to my children. after I joined the SFM system . it feels awesome.

if you are inspired and want to create abundance with your family and spend your precious time nurturing your children join the SFM today by clicking here ftooma landing page after you leave your name and email address I will send you the seven day video series I received that helped me change my life style. if you are ready to start creating abundance with your family right now submit your application here right now.THE SFM DIGITAL BUSINESS SYSTEM & COMMUNITY

if you have any questions or still feel skeptical leave a comment in the box below

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