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Are feeling trapped in making a choice between creating financial freedom, by working overtime, late nights, and weekends? But realized that you have no time left to enjoy spending that money on yourself, the people you love doing things you love?

Hi, it is Fatma

founder of @abundancewithyourfamily

I am a mother of 4 gorgeous children. passionate about education, and believe it is our best way forward, towards the lives we eager to create for ourselves and our loved ones, So  I will ask you again, Are you stuck in having to make a choice between creating financially free? or having time freedom, so you can enjoy spending time with your loved ones doing the things you love the most.

There options here , it is your responsibility to make the choice that suits you the most.

  1. You take time off and chill with your family, but risk living on minimum income.
  2. You will either work long hours, late nights, and even weekends, so you can earn as much money for your time as you possibly can
  3. Learn how to create time and financial freedom.

I have experienced the three situations, so I will be sharing my experience with you, just so you can get some insight on what to expect before you decide which one would you rather go for. First thing is first. Having the time freedom. This I believe is the ultimate goal and dream for all of us. well for me and most people around me, any way.

As a stay at home mum for so many years, I relied on my husband for financial support, the deal was I stay at home take care of the kids, and my husband will go and hunt our dinner, well, and pay for the bills, and the rent, ..etc. when the kids were really small, my hands were full 24 hours, I really enjoyed raising my children and taking care of them without really worrying about the financial situation, we had our own business for so many years, we had six figure years.

But in 2008 when the global recession hit, we were beaten really hard, we ended up selling what is left of the business for £5000, which was heart breaking. We couldn’t cope with the debt collection agencies banging on our door every single day, so we became broke.

My husband had a few months off work, so we had all the time in the world for ourselves, to enjoy the kids growing before our eyes, to enjoy each other’ s company but we couldn’t. My husband was looking for any job just so that we can get by, He went to the Job center and registered to get benefits, which was the most humiliating thing ever, awful stressful times.

Having to all of us sleep in the same bedroom so we don’t have to turn the heaters on because we won’t be able to afford it. had to sell the cars because we could no longer afford insurance and petrol. I remember my boy’ s coat was so small on him because it was the same one from the previous year, the sleeves were reaching only half his arm. Oh it was rough.

I guess we had plenty of time in our hands but because were financially broke, we didn’t enjoy that time, we were very stressed and arguing all the time, the kids were wetting their beds because we were always arguing. Oh I never want to go back there again.

Then in the year 2012 my husband got a job offer abroad, he didn’t even question the offer, agreed with it straight away, I don’t blame him, after all the stress and anxiety we lived in because of our financial struggle. So he left. It broke our hearts I remember he would call us every night and we cry together for thirty minutes until the credit is finished and the phone call ends.

He was sending us the money and financially we were more comfortable but we were not together. What is the point?  that was very tough. We see him for two weeks every three months. that was really heartbreaking, and caused disconnection. The kids were growing and and getting used to daddy not being there, so when he comes, where is the money daddy? buy me this and buy me that, that is all the relationship was about for them.

As the kids all grew up and I had plenty of time to myself in the morning I decided I will also get a job, so that I could contribute to the financial dilemma, So I got a job as a teacher, and wow it was exciting and I was so fueled up to crush it. I love teaching, I love handling the kids, more income coming our way, what is not to like?

The problem with trading your time to earn a living is that you will have very little time and energy left to actually enjoy your time with your loved ones, because you will arrive home exhausted after a long day at work, or spend a long time commuting to and back from work, preparing for work  the next day, or the best of all having to unwind from a very long exhausting day at work. So you really are left with no time nor energy to enjoy your family or friends. You end up spending your money unwisely, I mean I don’t even have enough time to plan our next holiday or even our next dinner out. ( I love planning ahead, it gives me peace of mind ). I don’t mind making decisions on the spot, I know that is thrilling and we love surprises and experimenting new things, but I can’t be making all my decisions on the spot. I mean I have four children, ages 14, 13, 9 and 4. I have to plan ahead so we can actually enjoy our time.

I also love to actually be present and truly enjoy the company of my kids, and actually create real memories in their precious hearts not just photos on their phones, or on Instagram, for others to comment on, when we don’t even remember how we even felt at that time.  So being present mentally and living the moment is crucial if we were actually to feel connected and treasure our time together. But I was spending most of my day at work, then go home and actually prepare for tomorrow’s meeting at nine o’clock, answering emails from my boss all evening regarding next month’ s lesson plan. Instead of actually enjoying dinner with my kids, I remember weeks going by without me actually cooking one hot meal for my kids, ( I love cooking , honestly ) but I didn’t have the time nor energy to actually even go to the super market and make the shopping , then go home and cook. always stressed out. Had to grab whatever I can grab to feed the kids, from whatever takeaway I pass by, always stressed out about it. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, but my mundane job just didn’t give me the freedom to actually enjoy my kitchen, and appliances. I used the microwave, the kettle and the toaster the most. Stressful and frustrating.

When you spend your life waiting to retire, so I can finally spend some time with my children, but by then they will all be grown ups, and have their own lives, jobs, and families. I will be lonely again.

I started to imagine myself  on my death bed then my daughter calling me and saying sorry she will not be able to come to see me, because she has an important meeting with a client.

That will be the biggest regret of my life, because I didn’t teach my daughter that being with her family is the most important thing in life. But how can I ? she is only following my footsteps, of working long hours for employees, so she can earn an income for herself and her own family. i didn’t teach her that there must be a different way , where she can live life by her own terms, and create the life she desires to live with most important people in her life.

So that didn’t satisfy me neither. Money without the time freedom to enjoy that money is a lost game, and time freedom when you are living in stress and anxiety that you might not make it to the end of the month, is not a good option and is not an environment you want to raise healthy children in.

So I go back to the original question How to create Time and Financial freedom because that in my opinion is the ultimate dream, and fulfilling that dream will lead to a life of peace fulfillment and harmony.

From my Experience how to create time and financial freedom, is to leverage the digital economy, I mean even if you are running an off line business, you need to start leveraging the internet to market your products or services. Personally, I don’t have any products or services to sell, so I can simply leverage the digital economy as an affiliate marketer, I market other people’s products by driving traffic to their websites and I earn commission when people buy. It is literally as simple as that. The journey I am in right now, is more about personal development and mindset training than it is about making money, I mean I am not hating the money, but the amount of self awareness I seem to be having since I started my digital business journey has been no less than phenomenal.

The impact that it is having on my family is nothing but amazing, I remember once one of the mindset coaches’ s answer to my complaint of the amount of chores and how demanding the kids are, he said how about you look at from a completely different perspective, instead of saying I have to cook dinner for the kids, or I have to help them do their homework, or have to listen to them moaning and complaining from their mates or teachers, I actually get to cook my kids dinner, I get to help them with their homework. I get to hear my kids’ s stories with their mates and their teachers. It is not a chore any more, it is actually a privilege that I get to do all of that with my kids.  I mean how awesome is that? it took my relationship with my kids to a completely different level. I am so grateful.

Going back to the online business and how to create a time and financial freedom, this takes a new mind shift, you have to motivate yourself to do the  work, and that is by having clarity on why do you want to create time and financial freedom, ( I shared my reasons with you in the first few paragraphs) Then How are you going to actually achieve it. that is because running your own business means you are the boss, as awesome as that sounds, but you will be responsible for everything in your business. You will not have a boss who tells you what is expected of you, but you can always get a mentor who guides you to create the right plan for you that will help you get further away from the stress and frustration you are feeling right now and closer to achieving your dream day, whatever that looks like for you.

One more thing regarding starting an online business and learning how to create time and financial freedom, I have to warn you , working from home has its down side, even if you  are introverted and enjoy your own company, it can still feel lonely, well your only colleague is your computer/smartphone. that is pretty boring and there is no inspiration in that. so I suggest you surround yourself with like minded high achievers, get yourself into a tribe of entrepreneurs who share their wisdom and their journey to inspire each other to mastermind with them, to hold each other accountable so you can move forward together. T

he digital economy is only 25 yrs old, so the competition is almost zero, and the chance of it being saturated is very unlikely. not any time soon anyway. The number of internet users is only increasing every year. exceeding 4 billion users this year.  On FaceBook alone the number of users has reached 2 billion users in 2018. Imagine the potential of marketing to all of those people instead of just the locals if you have a traditional business.

So to wrap up on how to create time and financial freedom: 

  • Get clear on why do you want to create time and financial freedom. Get very specific with the details. and think what if I don’t take that step right now . remember those kids will not stay kids forever.
  • Get yourself the right Mentorship and coaching that suits you and your needs. If you are starting from scratch , just like I did. Do not approach it blindly, and don’t allow you ego to step in the way of your personal and educational development, remember, if you stop growing you begin to wither.
  • It gets lonely at times when you are working from home so get yourself into the right tribe of entrepreneurs who will inspire you and help move you forward.

i hope You find inspiration in my blog to help get you thinking of the possibilities available for you in the digital world. and consider learning How to Create Time and Financial Freedom Take care and have a blessed day Fatma Zubia Personal Development Coach Digital Entrepreneur