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Are you a stay at home parent who feels like you have lost your way, your children have grown up and started to go to school full time, and you feel you have plenty of time, but you don’t know what to do with it?

You left the working world for quite a few years now. you have left your job to start your family, and take care of them until they grow, but now you feel it is going to be very hard to go back to the corporate world. but you have plenty of time, you have all morning, ok we do clean up the house and tidy up and blah, blah blah. then we do the shopping, we call the friends who might be writing their C.Vs and are going from one job interview to another. you feel you don’t wan to go back to work, you know what it is kind of hard to go back to a job where you have to probably deal with people you are not so interested in, and answer to a boss you probably don’t even respect, but fr me the biggest point was, I got used to doing things my way. As a stay at home mum, you are the boss in your own House, You make the rules of how to run the house, Your clients are the most important people in your world (your children). you are taking care of them and nurturing them with all the love in the world. but at work you just have to deal with people you don’t care about.


Are you thinking of starting your own home business, but you are not sure what to sell or where to even begin from, may be you are worried about where to advertise your business, because you know what you cannot build a sustainable p

rofitable online business if you are relying on friends and family as your only clients.

Personally if I was to compare online business vs offline business, I must say I preferred the online home business idea because of so many reasons for the following reasons:

  • I choose an online business over an off line business because for an online business I get the time freedom. I can run my business at any time of the day and check out at any time I want. I am not limited by having to open at 9 am, oh no. I can walk my children to school stay with them for breakfast club ( they love breakfast club ), then I walk home and start working on my business from my laptop, or desktop. I do not have to close at 5 pm. No I can check out off my business at 3 pm go and collect my children from school, we talk about their school day, we have our dinner and we do our bed time routine, after they go to sleep I can get an hour or two to work on my business. I can take a day off whenever I need to, If I am sick, if one of my children is sick and is off school, I can take a day off to take care of myself and my family. so the time freedom I have created with my home based online business is amazing, once you set it right, it generates you income 24/7, 365 days a year. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
  • If I was to compare online business vs offline business I choose an online home based business over an offline business, because of the geographical freedom. I can run my business from any where in the world. I can take my kids to Disney Land and and I can still check my business from Paris. As long as i have my smart phone and an internet connection, I can work on my business. my phone is always in my hand anyway, instead of using to see other people’ s lives through social media, i can run my business and socialize with my friends and family also through social media.
  • I choose the ONLINE HOME BASED BUSINESS OVER AN OFFLINE BUSINESS, because of the potential costumers. I mean in an offline business my clients will be first my family and friends, then maybe the neighborhood, so I am restricted my people who can reach my location by foot, ok by the car as well, after they hear about it. I mean where do you go for your grocery shopping ? to the local supermarket. right?.  But with an online business you have a potential costumer base of about 3.7 billion people. that is the number of people using the internet all around the globe. So you basically you have clients from all around the world.
  • I choose online business over offline business because of the start up cost. This was big for me. as I was scared to invest too much money into something i have no idea how it will go. i mean having your own business requires a different mind set from being an employee. It is a completely different thing, because you have to figure things out yourself. No one will hold you accountable except yourself, the same really with raising your family. So i need to know that every penny I spend is invested wisely. and will hopefully make an return on investment ( ROI). For an online business the most important thin is to have an laptop or a desktop and an internet connection, well I started off with my smartphone, until I was able to buy a laptop, and then I had to GET ONLINE BUSINESS EDUCATION , because I need to learn how to advertise.For an offline business I would need a start up cost, to buy the tools I need , the products to sell and then a place to store the products, a vehicle or a driver to deliver the products to costumers… etc.

anyway these are some of the advantages of having an ONLINE BUSINESS VS OFFLINE BUSINESS.

I hope you find value in my blog. feel free to check out my other blogs on home business and how it helped me change my lifestyle, and create myself more time freedom so i can spend quality time with my family.

I wish you every success in your home business

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Create a blessed day

Fatma Zubia

Personal development Coach

Home Digital Business owner