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Are you tired of being stuck in your day job and low income ?

Would you like to have more time and money to spend with your family and friends? Doing things you love?

Are you working so you pay for someone else to raise your toddler? Someone else to watch them walk their first steps.

Do you want to pass on your legacy and beliefs to your children or is someone  else doing that because you have to go to work?

Do you want to Unstuck yourself

The only way to accomplish that is the take charge and creat your own business

However there are problems with that

How do you make the time ? How do you afford it ? What typs of business do you start?

Do you have the knowledgs, business background and location  to make a start?

How do you manage the risk?

Now more than ever before it is easier to create a business and make money in your spare time and on a very low budget.

By laveraging the power of affiliate marketing .

Hi my name is Fatma

I am the founder of abundance with family

I am just like a lot of parents out there wanting to provide the most opportunities for our children, we want to make sure they reach their potential in every aspect of life. But sometimes money is a big barrier other times we want to teach them values in life but we just cant spare the time for them because we are either at work or at home preparing for tomorrow’ s meeting or worrying about budgeting for the gas bill this winter as prices are shooting up. I might be present physically but brain is definitely is not with them. I remember last year every morning my daughter begs me to stay with her at breakfast club until they go to class, but I could never , I had to drop my little boy at nursery and had to be at work by 9 am . I had enough of that , I feel I really miss my children although I spend 4- 5 hours with them everyday, but I was always busy preparing for the working day. Always busy but definitely not fulfilled nor happy. I am a teacher don’t get me wrong I love teaching . But I was working too much to yet still living on a low income ( how much money could a teacher make ?  Not much )

I love the kids and all of that but the work load never ends. We are either preparing for meetings or marking home works or test papers or the worst of all was parents evening when I get home at 9 pm.

I remember the out of school hours were sometimes longer the a regular school day. So dreadful. I felt like running on a treadmill so exhausting and draining. I mean I wanted to take care of my children and nurture them but I often feel I am pouring from an empty cup. I miss social life. No friends just colleagues. Boring and dreadful. I just felt stuck and had to get out of there no matter what.

So I thought I should start my own business . & as they say fire your boss and hire yourself. I wanted to work from home, so I am more available to my family because I really miss my children .

So I have started my offline home based business last July, and realized that I just bought myself a very demanding job. I started a catering business for coffee shops, and open markets, I was generating a reasonable income, but the time and energy consumption was unbearable, I was taking orders from clients all evening, running around the super markets all night to the shopping, wake up at 6 am to cook the food and then deliver it to the costumers. I remember getting stuck in the morning rush hour, and taking my kids with me on deliveries, and taking them late to school. it was dreadful. I was thinking started my own business because I wanted to create some time and money freedom, i wanted to spend quality time with my family, and attend more social events, but I realized i am more stuck that when was in my job. the bigger issue was that if I decided to take time off, and not take any orders, or at least take less orders, I will not be making any money, so the business was as bad as the job, work earn , no work no income. 🙁

I turned to the internet I looked for quite a few business models and business ideas, I was illiterate in the digital technology world so it was very hard for me to differentiate what is real and what was a scam. I joined one after the other and spent quite a lot of money and time into these claimed business model to realize that I was taken advantage of due to my ignorance. The best of them were programs for people who had the knowledge and expertise in the digital world and are ready to dive in .

I realized that I really need to invest in my digital education. I am Teacher so ( dah ) I started to search on where I can find such education on the web where I can study from the comfort of my home. Towards the end of 2017 I found quite a few good ones . They would teach you how to leverage Amazon and create a passive income while amazon takes care of things for you. It was a good course for $497 but after you buy the course, if you get stuck on something there is no one to reach out and ask for help. I went through until module 4 then I got stuck I just couldn’t figure out how to progress.

This year I decided I am going to go part time and invest more time in educating myself and finding a new way leverage . I want to become free and spend quality time with my family doing the things we love most travelling and checking historical places. I don’t want to be worried about money . I want to be relaxed about it.

So I went back to the search engine again and looked for more educational programs where you get live mentor ship on a regular basis. I needed someone I can reach out to whenever I am stuck. I finally came across the six figure mentors. Their ad is Earn while you Learn, and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you are good to go, you can run your business from the comfort of your home. I was astonished at how much they ticked all the boxes. As I have been through a lot already I knew what I wanted already , but of course the element of skepticism . But I had a burning desire in my heart to check it out, I put my name and email and I received a 7 day video series made by the founders of the Six figure mentors. I was blown away with the amount of education and mentor ship available. It got my hope back up that this is possible . My dreams of a life of abundance with my family is possible . I submitted my application in October 2017 and started my education. I got assigned to a personal coach within 48 hours. He rang me and my journey towards the my dream life has started. Oh I praise the Lord for putting the video series in my path, for giving me the courage to submit my application and start this amazing journey of education and personal growth. Now I run my business from the comfort of my house, from my smart phone or laptop. I can take care of my children, read them bed time stories. I don’t have to worry about employees or insurance or office costs, I need a laptop or just my smart phone and I can run my business from any place on the world. I take my kids to the park , or go on a vacation and still be able to monitor my business from my screen and make sure that it is running even when I am on holiday.

When I first started I didn’t have a product to sell or a service to provide so I started as an affiliate marketer for the six figure mentors. It is great as you get to put the education you learn straight into action and see how you can adjust to create maximum leverage.

I joined the SFM, first it was all about the money and time freedom, but joining the community took me to a completely different level of dreaming , sometimes it scares me. By the way I am in no way shape or form a digital or tech genius. But the curriculum teaches you from scratch. I am so glad I joined , so privileged to be part of a community that doesn’t judge me and reassures me that I do have what it takes to succeed and make it work. No matter how little your knowledge of marketing or online business or using the web is .  you can Unstuck yourself by utilizing what you already have. As long as you have a smart phone and an internet connection you are good to go. Yes only a smart phone . I know most online business talk about having to have a laptop but believe me a smart phone and internet connection will do. In addition you have to have the passion and guts and commitment to continue. Because you know what  You do have the time (I have 4 children I am raising them by myself ).

Now I attend breakfast club with my daughter and son from 8:15 till 9 am then get home and hold my phone and get to work. I feel i can be present with my children, whenever they need me, i am there nurturing them . I feel i became the mum i wanted to be for my children. 😀

I would love to share the seven day video series with you.If you want to Unstuck yourself then Click here to Learn how to Start a profitable home based Business  

Leave your email address and I will send you the same 7 day video series that I received that helped me to Unstuck myself.  make an informed decision on joining the six figure mentors and start my journey towards creating a life of freedom and abundance.

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Create a blessed day

Fatma Zubia.

A Proud Mumpreneur