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Well as you have asked for my personal opinion I will be sharing my personal opinion from my personal experience as I have tried many online and off line home businesses and non home businesses.

I have ran with my husband a whole sales food supplier , we were just starting out back in 2004 we were young still no children we were excited and gave i our best shot, it worked and we did very well we were made it a six figure business , it went awesome until 2008 when the recession hit , and it hit us very hard, the prices of petrol shot to the sky and as our business is relying on delivery we started to struggle and bills started to accumulate, we had to let most the staff go , bailiff were on out door steps every day collecting Debt. We just couldn’t survive the recession it hit us really bad, oh I remember the stress and anxiety attacks we were having , for years, so we decided we had to sell the business, the best deal we got for it was £5000 so we went for it. it was heart breaking.

Launching an off line business has its disadvantages due to high set up costs and you are relying only on local area for costumers especially if you are just starting.

a couple of years a go I decided to run a catering home based business where I cater for lunches, dinners and parties , the snow ball started to roll very slowly but It was very exhausting I was spending all my time on the phone with costumers or shopping for orders , preparing the food or delivering the orders. the money was good but I felt isolated and had absolutely no time or effort for my family and social life. I literately missed my children, and my friends because I spent all my time on my business and had no time to spend and enjoy with my family. so I thought I should take less orders so I spend less time on the business and allow some quality time with my family. but the problem with that was I made less money . so I was in a dilemma of trading my time with money, If I want good income I have to work longer hours but if I work less hours and free my time for my family I will have very little money, that is usually the same with being employed, Trade your time for money. I just couldn’t bare it anymore.

I went to the web and searched for better home business ideas where I can generate income round the clock and still get my time freedom back. I wanted to be able to travel around the world and explore historical places with my family, because that is our favorite thing ever. I wanted to be relaxed about money, and not stress about every bill and every school trip.

I found the affiliate online business idea in the search engines it seemed the right thing for me, as I didn’t have a specific product to sell but I wanted to generate an income passively, so the idea of selling other people’ s products and getting a commission on it seemed the best business model to go for, but I was skeptical that I would be able to do it, I mean I do believe it works but will I be able to pull it off especially with my very little knowledge of the digital world. I searched more on the web for different platforms where I can get some knowledge on how to do it, I found some videos on you tube and Lynda but the problem with those is they are only videos for maybe those who are advanced with technology, but I knew that is not good enough for me , I needed personal 1 to 1 coaching and continuous education on the strategies to use to make success of my new business.

So I searched more and came across the SFM business model , I felt like I hit the jack pot. it is a full educational system where i got a whole team of digital entrepreneurs and experts who teach me step by step how to set up my business from scratch and I got to launch from third week. I started to generate income from the third month, it was just awesome. I get to interact with a whole community of like minded people sharing our thoughts and ideas of how to solve problems and supporting each other, we arrange meet ups on a regular basis. we get live hosted webinars by the founders of the platform to get updates of the latest strategies and tool we could leverage to expand our businesses.

this business model just ticked all the boxes for me, I don’t have to trade my time for money, I spend some time at first to get everything set up and then I just go and enjoy my life and take care of my children why my business is growing and bank account is getting fatter even while I sleep.

I do not feel isolated anymore and I am having to mix with people i am not interested in, I get to socialize with like minded people and benefit from their knowledge and wisdom and share my own knowledge and wisdom instead of just gossip. I grow as a human being like I never imagined possible. i have only been with SFM since last October, I feel like I know the SFM community all my life. just awesome.

Now that I can generate an income from any place in the world my family and I cannot wait until the summer holidays are here, I have booked for us a grand Tour around Europe and Asia, to discover the cities and historical places lie I always wanted.

if you are in for a full educational system and you are coach able. and would like to transform your lifestyle and create abundance with your family and loved ones join the SFM today ftooma landing page

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